How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Jeans


When you think of men and essential wardrobe pieces, jeans are probably the garment that first comes to mind. Almost every man owns a pair of jeans, even if they were seduced by the massive popularity of chinos in the last two years, denim still remains the quintessential men’s style staple.

However, for something that is so popular, it is amazing that wearing them seems to be such a problem for men around the world. Of course, wearing them isn’t really the problem, but finding a pair of jeans that fits seems to be.

Dangers of Denim

The biggest problem with denim is that men haven’t a clue how to find the right fit. While jeans are produced so men can wear their actual size yet wear skinny or relaxed styles, for example, many think choosing such a cut means they have to go for a smaller size.

The message is simple; a pair of skinny jeans doesn’t mean you buy two sizes too small, and ditto for a scenario with relaxed fit jeans and going bigger.

That said there’s more to the perfect pair of jeans than just finding the right size.

Knowing What Looks Good

We’ve spoke about the cut just now, and there’s no doubt it is an important part of buying denim. After the size, it is the most important thing to get right.

Mastering the cut of denim is all about knowing what looks good for your frame. The best approach to take is simply to match the denim to your own frame. Therefore, if you’re slim, then slim, straight leg, and skinny jeans are the best choices. If you have a more athletic or fuller frame, opt for straight leg or relaxed fit jeans, as these are wider and will be more comfortable as well as looking much better.

Your default option if in doubt is always straight leg jeans. Don’t think the most generic cut means you have to wear boring denim; brands such as G Star Jeans and Levi’s offer some of the best looking straight leg denim you can get. Simple shouldn’t mean cheap!

How to Pick Colors

The final challenge with denim surrounds color. As jeans have tried to keep up with chinos over the last two years, we have started to see brighter and bolder denims appearing in shops.

Our take on this is relatively simple; blue or black is where you should be going with denim. Yes, you can enjoy different fades and washes, but if reds or greens tempt you, stick to chinos. When picking your denim, think about what you’re going to be wearing on your feet, too.

Relaxed fit jeans probably won’t look great if you’ve paired them up with formal footwear, and chunky shoes might look a little ridiculous if the rest of your look is skinny and figure hugging.

Moving Forward With Denim

We all love denim, but should be acutely aware of its ability to make us look silly if we don’t choose it correctly. Consider the size, fit, color, and what else you’re wearing, and you’ll find the perfect pair of jeans is easy to find.

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Aisha Malik is a fashion journalist who can’t help but to cringe when she sees men wearing ill-fitting or poorly chosen jeans. Aisha has been known, at times, to approach men directly and offer some friendly advice.