How To Build A Summer Garden


So we are in the midst of summer and outcome the BBQ’s, the furniture and the Garden Parties. So how does your garden scrub up and does it look the part? Well summer is for flowers, whether that’s an array of colors in flower beds or by utilising space in hanging baskets and containers.

This article talks about what steps you can carry out to make your garden look the part, as after all it’s hard to relax in an untidy house the same is true for your garden, it also provides a good talking point when you have guest round to visit.


Firstly plan your garden, what plants you will use for flower beds, what will be added to a hanging basket and what will be used in containers. Talk to your local gardening center for which plants are appropriate for each, but also think about how colour will blend or contrast.  Minimalistic gardens are often far better looking than a garden with too much color.

Buy your flowers

Listen to the advice of the garden center, they should be able to tell you which plants work well in your location, but also think about where you want to position the plants and how much sunlight they will get. Without sunlight your plants will not flower and inevitably die. So an important part of planning your garden and the procurement of flowers is choosing the right flowers for the right locations.

Once you have the location in your mind and have bought the flowers it’s time to start getting your hands dirty.

Early Stages

When it comes to the initial stage of gardening follow these suggestions:

  • Initially you need to feed, deadhead and water your bedding plants
  • With your new seeds begin to sow them into your flower beds.
  • You should trim and cut back any hedges to ensure you are not blocking any sun from your plants.
  • You may also need to give any of your previous winter plants a good watering as they may be dry and suffering.

Mid Stages

The next stage to think about is dry weather and your plants beginning to flower. To keep your garden grass looking green, higher your lawnmower blades, longer grass stays greener. You should also take another trip to the garden center and purchase some autumn flowering bulbs, when it comes to the end of summer you don’t want to lose some of the impact and your hard work.

One of the biggest part to gardening is often staying on top of the weeding, they grow so fast and quickly that it far easier to keep on top of them than leave them all summer long.

Late Stages

As you start to reach the final stage of summer you need to do the following to keep your garden looking neat and tidy.

  • Feed and water your plants to keep the garden hydrated.
  • Next think about sowing any annual seeds into flower pots so they can be planted during the autumn.
  • Again make sure you deadhead any perennials so they can continue to flower and look neat.

Summer bedding

Getting back to your summer garden, color can give a huge effect, try and use your hanging baskets to add color close to and around your house, but don’t clump to much color together and be careful to think about which plants match each other.

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Andrew Taylor has been gardening for the past 20 years he also works for Alfresia Garden Cushions helping Gardeners to complement their plants with furniture.