How To Avoid A Fete Worse Than Death


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We all have childhood memories of attending a summer fete full of jumble stalls, face painting and lots of ice cream! You might think that they’re a bit of a bore as you get older, but why not try getting involved in organising your local village fete? You could be the creative spark it needs to get rid of that boring stigma! Try these tips and your fundraiser will be the one to remember.

Think Of A Theme

The best village fetes have a theme that ties everything together. Why not go for a Mad Hatter’s Party? This theme gives you the scope to grab some wacky bunting and balloons and to have some colourful face painting. You could even challenge the kids to dress up as the characters for a small donation and award a prize for the best outfit!

Get The Kids Involved

Fetes are a family affair, so try asking local schools to join in the fun. The pupils could make items to sell at stalls, for example jewellery or cakes. Encourage them to be as creative as they can in their cake decorations, even if it means getting a bit messy!

Create An Atmosphere

Nobody wants a stale ambience at a local fair, so think about putting on some entertainment. This could include hiring a DJ, asking a home-grown band to perform or even getting a local dance troupe to show off their stuff! Village fetes are all about community spirit, so try to get as many age groups involved as possible.

Another way of encouraging lots of attention for your local event is to invite the media or a special guest to attend. A famous face will definitely pull the crowds in.

Craft Your Way To Fun

Craft stalls are a great way to bring out people’s creative sides and there are so many things to choose from – painting, origami and nail painting are just a few examples. Pinterest has got some fantastic ideas; why not give it a go?

Get Competitive

Along with craft stalls, another fabulous way of drawing in crows is to get competitive! Try holding games or competitions that everyone can have a go at. This could be something as simple as guessing the name of a teddy bear; or something a bit more exciting such as beating the goalie. We’re all big kids inside, so even if you think that games will only appeal to children, you’ll soon find that everyone will want to get a piece of the fun!

Don’t Forget The Food

Delicious smells are what make a fete the height of summer events. Whether it’s ice cream, freshly fried donuts or even a barbecue, wafting a great aroma at your fundraising event from quality food will be sure to attract the local community. This is an excellent opportunity to sing the praises of quality local produce and get inventive with delicious summer recipe ideas!

You could also capture the adults’ interest by holding beer- or wine-tasting stalls. It’s a great way to get everyone relaxed and enjoying themselves. So roll out those gingham tablecloths and welcome summer to your community! Have you got more tips on how to avoid a fete worse than death? Share your stories below!

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