How To Buy A Stylish and Luxurious Car For Your Complete Family


If you are looking forward to buy a stylish and luxurious car for your family then you must first check up on a few details about cars especially the types of cars. When you say a family, it can be sub-divided into small or medium sized family and large family. Small or medium sized family cars are also referred to as ‘compact car’, which is almost 4250mm – 4500 mm long and have engines ranging up to 2.5 liters.

On the other hand, large family cars can easily accommodate five adults and includes an extended trunk. It is generally 4700mm – 4800mm long and have powerful engines with six cylinders which is more than the smaller cars. Let’s see, what’s new in this year?
In the small or medium sized car category, the topmost on the list are Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Golf and SEAT Leon. These cars have everything that you need right from quality, comfort, value for money, reliability and practicality.
New Skoda Octavia-It has more space, for passengers and an extra space for luggage. The new Octavia is bigger than before. It has a better value as compared to its rivals and is also better equipped. It has apparently the highest owner ratings and provides complete customer satisfaction.
SEAT Leon – It is definitely cheaper than its competitor Volkswagen Golf. But its design is practical and stylish, in terms of both its interior and comfort zone. It has also acquired a crash safety rating of full five stars from Euro NCAP.
Volkswagen Golf-This seventh generation Volkswagen Golf is much lighter than the older one. It is wider and longer now, which defines more space. It gives a more sporty appeal because it is lower than its predecessors. The interior is redesigned and is loaded with all new equipment’s.
All of the above has its different variants that you can select from. Now, let’s have a look at the other category which is the large family cars. The top most in this category are Mazda6, Ford Mondeo, Volkswagen Passat and Vauxhall Insignia.
Mazda6 -It is available in variants such as estate, hatchback and saloon. It promises value of money, practicality, comfort and reliability. The other quality is that it is well built and is particularly well equipped. Its diesel engine is very economical as well as very smooth.
Ford Mondeo -It is pretty spacious, the framework and its suspension provides balanced comfort and sporty touch. There are almost ten diesel and petrol engines that you can choose from, and definitely suits every pocket. All its models are well equipped.


Volkswagen Passat -It is again available in saloon, estate and four-door CC (which is a four door coupe that offers more style than the saloon). Passat provides well-built cabin with a wide range of engines which are the most economical diesels in the market.
Vauxhall Insignia – Earlier it had an image of a dull family car but now its new models have changed this stigma. It is also available in saloon, hatchback and sports Tourer estate. Each of its features sleek style with improved interiors and comfort. It is better to drive and has a good choice of diesel and petrol engines. It is embedded with a high-performance four-wheel drive VXR model that is designed to give competition to Audi S4.
These are the best stylish and luxurious cars to choose from for your complete family.


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