How To Transform Your Garden Into A More Relaxing Space


A garden space should be a sanctuary of peace, in which you can escape the stresses and worries of your day to day life. Sadly, this isn’t always the case and we can often leave our gardens neglected.

To transform your garden from an open, unused space into your favourite place to unwind, all you have to do is follow these simple tips. Before you start planning and planting though, make sure you tidy up your garden. Throw out any rubbish or debris, remove all the weeds, cut back overgrown trees and sweep up all the twigs and dead leaves around. This may be a bit of a big job depending on how unloved your garden is, but you’ll immediately start to feel the benefits.

Make sure you have complete privacy

If your garden is overlooked by neighbours then it can be much more difficult to go and relax in it. Equally though, a big ugly wall can be an eye sore when you’re trying to lighten up.

To overcome this problem, put up bamboo poles or a rustic looking wooden fence. Better yet, plant trees or large hedges to make you feel less exposed. This will keep your garden looking attractive whilst also keeping it as your very own, private piece of paradise.

Add a water feature

There’s nothing more calming then sitting in your garden on a cool summers evening, listening to the sound of trickling water and letting your stresses just melt away. Water features can be purchased and installed from garden centres. They don’t have to be a costly investment either as, depending on which design you choose, you can get your hands on one for around £50.  Alternatively, if you’re a dab hand at DIY you can make one yourself.

If your garden space doesn’t accommodate a water feature, then you can always purchase an inexpensive sprinkler and listen to the sound of water flowing without the fuss.

Plant aromatic shrubs and flowers

You can have your very own aromatherapy session each day, simply by choosing the right type of plant for your garden. Add a whole new dimension to your outdoor space with sweet smelling flowers, such as roses or lilacs.

Additionally, you can grow your own herbs, which not only can be harvested for cooking, but also will bring a whole array of scents with them. Parsley, rosemary and lavender will surround your garden with relaxing aromas all summer long.

Set mood lighting

Ensure your garden is beautiful night or day by choosing the right lighting. Garden lamps and torches can be placed around your patio and lawn to create a Zen atmosphere and give your garden more personality.

Garden lights are easy to find and simple to incorporate into your gardens design. Outdoor LED lights are available from online retailers such as LED Lighting Depot and are definitely worth an investment. Not only do these light up evening events flawlessly, but they will also add a peaceful and romantic touch.

Encourage the wildlife

It’s always nice to have a few visitors to your garden, in the form of birds and butterflies. Try to mimic the natural landscape to attract these cute and colourful critters. Hanging bird feeders and baths, and planting sweet smelling flowers will also encourage a huge host of wildlife.

If you fancy seeing some hedgehogs, then cut a small hole, no bigger than a CD case, into any surrounding fences and leave a tepee-shaped log pile for them to nest in.