How to Walk the Tightrope Between Entrepreneurship and Family


There’s no one who can argue that running your own business takes most of your time, especially in the beginning. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for many up-and-comers to sacrifice their personal lives in the pursuit of their dreams. If you have a family, you must find a way to strike a balance between starting your own company and keeping your family happy. Here are five tips for doing just that:

1.Be Flexible

According to an interview conducted by mompreneursonline, 90 percent of women work from home because they want to have flexibility of business and family. If you are starting your own company, you’d do well to wrap your head around that idea. As the CEO of a business, you have the benefit of being able to come and go as necessary. Always remember that your family comes first; work can wait for tomorrow if it can’t be delegated to a member of your team.

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When you sit down to work each morning, create a list of priorities. What do you need to get done first? When you do the big, important things early in the day, you have more room to put off less pressing matters if the need presents itself. When you prioritize your tasks, you’ll rarely miss meals with the family, your kids’ games or your spouse’s events.

3.Punch the Clock

You don’t have to literally punch a clock, but you do need to do so in your mind. Start and end your work day at the same times every day. Too many entrepreneurs get so caught up in their fledgling business that they put in 16 or 18 hour days. Decide when your days will end and make sure that they do. It’s admirable that you want to be a success, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your personal life.

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4.Work at Odd Times

Whether you are running your business out of your home or out of an office, there’s nothing that says you have to work a traditional 9 to 5; you’re the boss after all. Striking a balance between work and family may mean early mornings and late nights. You may get the bulk of your work done when the kids are at school and then polish your project after everyone has gone to bed. Running your own company may mean getting out of bed before everyone else in the house or answering emails while waiting in the pediatrician’s office.

5.Stop Multi-Tasking

Studies have shown that only a handful of people are truly able to multi-task. The human brain isn’t wired to work on more than one project with success. When you are at work, be at work. When you’re with the family, concentrate on your family. The most successful business owners are all-in when it comes to their job; the most successful partners are all-in when it comes to their spouse and family. When you decide that it’s family time, work stops and vice versa.

You don’t have to give up your family to run a business. Your business doesn’t have to suffer at the expense of your family. If you dedicate yourself to following the tips above, you can have both.

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