How To Personalize a Last Minute Gift


Most of us have experienced buying a gift at the last minute. We get busy, forget, or just can’t decide on what to get the person and it happens that at the last minute we are scrambling trying to figure out what would be a good gift. Buying a gift at the last minute can be frustrating but it doesn’t have to be if you use some imagination. It also doesn’t have to be difficult if you don’t try to think of something complicated or specific. These following 5 Easy Last Minute Gift Ideas are pretty simple but they are often likeable gifts.

Personalized it with Pictures

Making a collage of pictures the person would like is an easy last minute gift. If you have pictures of the person or pictures of nature, travel, special events, or something of interest to that person, this could be a great gift. You can make a digital photo, a personalized calendar, mug, cup, or a portfolio of a collage printed out. People would love this gift because it would take them down memory lane and bring back great memories. It’s also something they will cherish and will last a long time.

Cards or Money

They may not seem personal but money is definitely a personalized gift, especially when it comes in handy for the person. They may have been needing the money or wanting to buy something for a certain occasion, and that amount of money is just what they needed. Even though many people say giving cash is a cop-out, most people would be very happy if you gave them cash. Cards can be very personal, especially if they are written with the person in mind. You can buy personalized cards or make your own.


We’re not talking about just buying a pair of socks or a shirt, but buying a shirt, scarf, socks or any piece of clothing with the person’s monogram on it. This is a wonderful personalized gift. People love to be given something with their name on it. And if they can wear it, that’s even a better gift. This can be done by visiting shops or online shops that make personalized items. Make sure you have the person’s name spelled right. You can also put other personal information on it besides their name.


Not too many things are more personal than cooking or baking a special dish for someone. As long as you know the kind of food the person likes, you can’t go wrong making or buying food for someone as a gift. But just don’t hand the food over to them on a plate or napkin. Place the food in a specially designed box. For treats, you can put them in a decorative jar. Not only will the food stay fresh but it will look nice too.

Gift baskets

Gift baskets are a great idea and are pretty inexpensive. Depending on who the basket is for will depend on what the basket will consist of. If they love flowers, place a floral arrangement in the basket with gifts. If they are a gardener, place garden supplies in the basket. If they love sweets or food, place those in the basket. You get the idea. But don’t just throw the items in the basket. Make the arrangement attractive and situated in a way that it stands out.

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