Types Of Drywall Texture



Texture Categories :

Their is really only 2 groups of drywall ceiling texture based on their application method. You can apply some textures by hand with some basic tools, this method is know to be called “Hand Applied Drywall Textures”. You could also apply texture with a texture spraying machine, this method known to be called “Sprayer Applied Drywall Texture”. Spray textures cannot be replicated with actually using a machine for the work.

“Hand Applied Drywall Textures”

Doing textures by hand is only limited by the crafters own imagination. Some of the hand textures are applied with a hawk and trowel, some are applied with a pan and knife, and others with a paint roller or even with a high powered paint sprayer. Their are special tools made to created different styles of texture, like a brush to do stomping or swirl patterns, or texture comb to create amazing designs. Brushes or knifes or roller or other homemade tools are then used to created amazing pattern in the mud. The textures done by hand could vary a lot depending on how much practice or skill level or even how creative the individual is. Even is you try to replicated someone else’s technique, you may find that the two look a lot different.

Sprayer Applied Drywall Textures”

Their are many different texturing spraying machine available on the market today. Most of them have a hopper for the texture, which is either sprayer right from the hopper onto the ceiling with some air from the hand held model, or pumped through a long hose to a texturing gun. Larger set-ups may have a gas or diesel powered pumps and air compressors, but most run on your normal porwer outlet. The bigger machines are good when your trying to pump texture through a very long hose. The texture gun mixes both mud and air together and sprays it onto the ceiling creating a texture. The type of texture your final product is going to be depends on things like the material used, the size of the nozzle, the type of nozzle, and the air pressure. Trying to match old texture is very hard, but there are various tips and tricks you can use to get the job done.

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Below are some of the most famous techniques and styles for Texturing, click on the link for more information on how to apply this technique, and various images.

skip trowel

Skip Trowel/Sante-Fe :

A skip trowel texture is done with either a special curved knife, hawk and trowel, or just a taping knife

sand swirl

Sand Swirl/Mud Swirl:

This texture can be done with a paint brush or texture comb.

hawk n trowel textureSea Shell Boarder: Anyone can produce a boarder like this on their ceilings with minimal effort.
California KnockdownCalifornia KnockDown/Drywall KnockDown:  This texture is done with a knockdown knife and a texturing machine
Spanish KnifeSpanish Knife Texture:  This type of is done with only a normal taping knife and some texturing mud. Orange Peel/Egg Shell or Splatter:  This type is accomplish with a texturing machine, with a very small size tip.
Texture Comb PatternComb Texture: A texturing comb is used to accomplish this type of texture
Drywall StencilDrywall Mud Stamps A stencil is used to accomplish stamps which are then stamp onto ceiling
rosebudRosebud Drywall Texture: This type of texture is done by stomping the ceiling with a rosebud style of soft bristle brush.  popcorn texturePopcorn: Popcorn is the most used type of texture, but its at the same time the least liked.